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Leinimoshen Precision Machinery

Professional manufacturer of functional components for linear products

Zhejiang leinimoshen precision machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional domestic enterprise engaged in the research and production of linear motion functional components. The company adheres to the development philosophy of "continuous innovation and pursuit of transcendence", providing customers with updated and higher quality products for a long time. The company's Rnms RN, with years of continuous improvement and upgrading of its own products, and strict requirements for environmental protection, is the company's unwavering pursuit, meeting the specific requirements of different customers for special materials through targeted development and response. 

Thin Redrope

Create a new era of office post-press equipment

Thin Redrope (HuZhou) Intelligent Equipmrnt CO.,LTD. is an enterprise that integrates the research and development, production, and sales of digital post-press equipment, and provides a complete set of solutions and professional services to global users. The company continuously improves and enhances product performance, strengthens competitive advantages, and is committed to enhancing product value and industry development space.


Professional research and development, production and sales of various synchronous elevators

Dingsheng (HuZhou) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise that researches, develops, produces, and sells various types of synchronous elevators. The quality and variety of the company's products have reached the level of similar foreign products, with a super high cost performance ratio. Our commitment to our customers is to provide a complete set of solutions and professional services, with a wide range of applications in the mechanical industry such as new energy, electronics, logistics, and packaging, ensuring stability, precision, and long-term effectiveness.

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Professional manufacturer of research and development of linear motion functional components


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