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S-RN Economy Synchronized Lift

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1、The load in the table above is the sum of the mass of the carrying object and the supporting platform.
2、The above form is only applicable to cylinder drive, if you need to choose motor, sprocket drive, sprocket shaft to be non-standard custom, external spherical ball bearing block model to be increased, please contact' "Dingsheng”company.

1、"——" Refers to the center distance beyond the limit. Ding Sheng Company does not recommend. If used beyond the limit, may affect the service life of the synchronous liting device.
2、"Dingsheng" company solemnly reminds: you in the design of the liting mechanism of the upper support platform, the need to calculate the total mass of its objects, should consider increasing the strength of the support.
3、When you select the type, you should fully consider the object mass and the total weight of the platform mass.
4、When stacking items on the supporting platform, the center position should be ensured as far as possible, SO as not to affect the serice life of the synchronous lifting device.
5、"Ding- sheng" reminder: if you choose Motor Drive mode, it is recommended to do electrical control and limit switch double protection design to avoid Synchronous lifting device overrun, Causing deformation and damage to device accessories.